Nylon Bullwhips

         My nylon bullwhips are constructed from the highest quality 550lb, military-grade parachute cord. The beauty of having a nylon whip is that you can use it when it is wet outside. They do not break down or rot over time and don't need to be conditioned after use like leather does. Nylon also gives more flexibility towards color choices. All of my nylon whips consist of 2-3 braided layers beneath the overlay (top layer), each bound tightly with artificial sinew to give the whip taipered rigidity. Each whip also has a bb-loaded nylon core to add balance and mass, making it roll out smoothly and ultimately making the whip easier to crack. 




The current lead time is 4-8 weeks. If you are ordering from outside of the USA, please contact me first for a shipping quote. Thanks!

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