Before I get started on your whip

I require full payment before I start building your whip. 


If you have a problem with your whip, such as it being defective, please contact me immediately and I will resolve the problem. When you receive a correctly functioning whip and for some reason decide you don't want it, I do offer returns, but charge a 20% cancellation/materials fee. I thoroughly test all of my whips, so the chance of a defective whip being sent out is very unlikely. I do not accept returns if I see that a whip has been abused such as beaten on concrete, gravel, or chewed up by your pet. Whips ordered from the in-stock page are eligible for a full refund within 5 days of receiving it, given the whip is in the same shape as it was when it arrived. 

Payment Types

Although my preferred payment method is Paypal, I do accept personal checks and other forms of payment. Please contact me about any alternate payment methods. Thanks!