I really enjoy using a fine-tuned whip, and tying on a proportional cracker can greatly impact how easily your whip cracks. The Light weight crackers are great for pocket whips, and smaller whips in general (2.5ft and 3ft). Because smaller whips are lighter, There isn't a lot of mass available and a thinner cracker is ideal for your whip to crack easily. Moving up on the scale, the Medium weight cracker is excellent for medium length whips. You'll find that they work great for 4ft to 8ft whips. The Heavy weight crackers are great for heavier whips, or whips 10ft long or greater. A longer whip usually means more mass, and if that's the case your whip will accelerate this cracker beyond the speed of sound with little to no effort. You will find that the smaller crackers produce a higher pitched crack and the thicker ones a deeper crack. You may experiment with them and put any cracker on any whip you please! These are just some suggestions. 


12 Nylon Spun Whip Crackers