Matched Pair - 5ft Stock Whips

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Each of these 16 plait stockwhips has a 16in Poplar wood handle with fancy plaiting in Dacron (polyester). Both whips in Tan, Chocolate Brown, and Black each have a nylon core, a 10 plait nylon belly, and a 10 plait nylon overlay that tapers down to a 2-point twisted hitch. These whips are brand new and ready to go!


6ft,3in Dacron Bullwhip


This 6’3” bullwhip has 2 plaited nylon bellies, a bb loaded core, and an 18 plait overlay in flat braided polyester Dacron. The 16 plait handle is built upon a 3/16” spring steel rod of 10”. The heel knot is a 2-pass 9x8 Turk’s Head and the transition, a 2 pass 7x6. This whip was lightly tested by myself, and my friends Adam and Emiliqua at the 2019 Los Angeles Whip Convention.


7.5ft, 16 Plait Bullwhip


This 7’6” bullwhip has a bb loaded core and two plaited bellies. A 16 plait overlay at the surface tucks underneath a brass ferrule at the transition which leads to a 12” lathe-turned Kingwood handle. The Thong of the whip is joined to the handle by a 1/4” threaded stainless steel rod. This whip has been very lightly tested by myself as well as a few other friends at the 2019 LA Whip Convention.


7ft, 8in Bullwhip


This 7’8” bullwhip has a bb loaded core, 2 plaited bellies and a 16 plait overlay. The 12” Wenge Wood handle is attached to the thong by a 1/4” stainless steel threaded rod. A brass ferrule is in place at the transition. This whip is lightly used by myself and other whip maker friends.


4ft, 12 Plait Compact Bullwhip

This 4ft, 12 plait bullwhip has a BB loaded core, a single plaited belly and a 12 plait overlay. The 8in handle is 3/16” spring steel. This compact whip rolls out great and is great for young whip crackers or ideal for use in confined spaces. It comes with a zippered, padded carrying bag and is waxed and ready to go!